Coach Sean Cooney selects Jada Matheny as Athlete of the Week

Coach Sean Cooney selects Jada Matheny as Athlete of the Week

By Alexis Galarza Posted April 21, 2021

Jada Matheny plays for Lowry’s JV softball team as a pitcher, second baseman, and shortstop. 

Matheny’s coach has many good things to say about her and the way she plays. 

The thing that makes Matheny stand out the most is her “positive attitude and work ethic,” said Sean Cooney.            

“Practice makes me a better player because I can work on my skills and fundamentals,” said Matheny. “I get a lot of reps so I can work on my form so I’m ready during the game.” 

Matheny’s favorite part about being on the team is being surrounded in such a great environment of friends. 

“We all get along so well it’s just fun to be around everyone,” said Matheny. 

COVID affected Matheny’s season by taking valuable playing time on the field away from her. 

“It made me appreciate the time I have on the field,” said Matheny. 

Matheny has been playing since she was seven years old. Adding to about nine years of softball experience. Her main reason for starting at such a young age is simply because she was encased in the whole world of softball and her family members. 

“A lot of my family played softball or baseball and I looked up to them, my friends were playing and I wanted to play too,” said Matheny. 

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