Caden Ricci making his way up as leader

Caden Ricci making his way up as leader

By Alexis Galarza Posted April 20, 2021

Caden Ricci, a senior at Lowry High School has clearly shown his work ethic and love for football. 

Coach Taua Cabatbat hand-picked Ricci because of her leadership qualities that shine through. 

“Caden is always working hard and stays positive when times are rough,” said Cabatbat. 

Ricci plays on both sides of the feel. On offense, he starts as the quarterback and then transitions as a defensive back.

“I like being out on the field and having fun,” said Ricci.

He enjoys the bus rides to away games and being able to mess with his teammates. 

“He is an overall good leader and never gives up,” said Cabatbat.

Ricci has been playing football for a very long time. His sophomore year he broke his collarbone, because of his injury he recently only returned to quarterback this year. 

On March 20 the varsity football team lost against Fernley. During the game, Ricci was keeping his head high and tried to put things back in the right place. 

“He leads through example and is always positive,” said Cabatbat. 

Although the games might not always be a success, Ricci’s favorite part is winning and the rush that comes along with it. 

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