Student of the Week: Sam Moore

Student of the Week: Sam Moore

By Ron Espinola Posted April 19, 2021

Although classes where you can be more active are more to his liking, Sam Moore was selected as the Student of the Week for Math.

His favorite subject is Construction taught by Mr. Luca Bernardi. He is considering going into the field upon graduation.

“I can move around and do stuff,” said Moore. “Nothing’s really too complicated you just have to make sure you get your measurements right.”

Ms. Virginia Parker and Mr. Larry Renteria chose the outstanding sophomore.

“Sam has grown tremendously, as a student, within the last year,” said Parker and Renteria. “He works hard, and always shows respect for others around him.”

Going back to school full time has not been a big change for him other than getting to hang out with people which is his favorite aspect of Lowry.

“Nothing really changed, it’s just more work,” said Moore.

Everything is going well for Moore this year and he is looking forward to driving soon.

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