College athletes should not be paid

College athletes should not be paid

By Justin Albright Posted February 14, 2012

Most people go to college so they can get a degree, and that’s the way it’s been forever. Nowadays, athletes are mainly going to college as a quick gateway to the pros. However, as more and more violations pile up, people are starting to discuss paying these athletes. For example, The Miami Hurricanes are in a heap of trouble because of athletes receiving money and spending it on useless things.

This is wrong on many levels. Mainly because these athletes are going to take advantage of this rule and just go to college for the money. The whole purpose of going to college is to get a degree so that you can have a career after sports.

These athletes are already being paid by boosters, so why would you force these universities to pay athletes that don’t even care about getting a degree? People say that these athletes should be paid for helping the schools make billions of dollars in television deals. Before you rush and say “pay these athletes”, stop and think about how these athletes will spend their money.

Instead of paying the athletes with the billions of dollars the university makes, why not spend that money on improving the education. Or even improving the dorm rooms. There are many other alternatives to spend the billion dollars. There are certain athletes who could care less about getting a degree, but think about what these athletes will do after the end of their careers.

A college degree is one of the most important things an individual can earn, so why would you bother letting these athletes get away with going to college for the money? Universities should use their money on important things that will help them become a legitimate school. These athletes should be forced to get a degree. After all, sports won’t last forever.

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