Marines: The few the proud

Marines: The few the proud

By Destiny James Posted February 14, 2012

On January 13, 2012, a video was leaked of four Marines urinating on Taliban terrorists. They were found guilty of breaking military codes.

If they make the choice to serve our country they shouldn’t be punished that badly. I understand that they should give respect to the dead even if they are the enemy. However, they should be held accountable for their actions of course; maybe by a suspension. They shouldn’t have had to go to court, or go in front of a judge, because they were joking around.

I know we would be mad if this situation was the other way around, and we would want to hold someone accountable for it. But we are taking this way too far. It just isn’t the Taliban thinking this, but Americans also. We should understand that these people have families too, and they risk their lives every day, just for our freedom. The least we could do is cut them some slack.

The reason people think they should be punished and sentenced to some jail time is that they think it puts a huge target on our backs. It may or it may not, we don’t know. The people we need to thank for all this footage is one of our own. They were all laughing on camera having a good time. The person who shot the video should be punished just as much as the ones urinating on them.

The Marine’s motto is “The few, the proud.” They are serving for us, so we should give them that respect. That is why I think they shouldn’t be punished, but they need to earn back their trust and respect.

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