College conferences in a bind

College conferences in a bind

By Calvin Connors Posted October 12, 2011

What we have known about college sports conferences is rapidly changing.

This generation of sports is not accustomed to the idea of having college teams switch conferences. All we have known is the top conferences in the college football world such as the PAC-10, SEC, BIG TEN, ACC, and BIG EAST. Last year the NCAA Board proposed to any team in the NCAA that they could switch into any conference as long as it is approved by the conference they want to switch into and only if they qualify to transfer into a new conference. Some teams for example that have switched conferences are Boise State (WAC to Mountain West), Colorado (Big 12 to Pac-12), Utah (Mountain West to Pac-12), and UNR (WAC to Mountain West).

Teams switching conferences is an odd reality to get accustomed to. Although, change is not necessarily a bad thing. A positive side to the new rivalries that will be made due to the conference changes, also all of the money that will be made and distributed throughout the teams switching conferences.

College sports bring in a lot of money to their universities; football and basketball are the top sports that pull in the money. Power conferences such as the PAC-12, SEC, and BIG 10 have multi-million dollar contracts with television networks that are distributed to the universities in the conference. 

After the dust settles with teams switching conferences, there will be new rivalries added to college sports, and there will be drama in the new conferences concerning teams qualifying for a BCS Bowl Game.

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