Damiena Mentaberry selected as Athlete of the Week

Damiena Mentaberry selected as Athlete of the Week

By Allison Green Posted September 22, 2022

As a hard-working student in the classroom and an impeccable player out of the classroom,  Damiena Mentaberry has shown her growth on the field by being noticed by her coach for being chosen as Athlete of the Week for the Lowry high school JV soccer team.

Coach Macy Munroe selected Mentaberry as Athlete of the Week because of her improvement and hardworking attitude while playing on the field.

“I chose her because she is always working her hardest and always willing to help out where needed,” said Munroe. “She’s constantly encouraging others and helping them, she’s constantly putting in the work and getting better each day.”

Munroe noticed Mentaberry as a leader for her teammates and packs a powerful message out on the field. She is kind and provides help to her teammates when they need it most even if it’s something small to cheer them on during a game.

“I feel really great about it’s interesting compared to other athletes like they’re so good and to be chosen for that makes me feel pretty good and shows me that I play an important role in making a role model for other athletes,” said Mentaberry. “Being able to help lead the freshmen, it’s really interesting watching them come from the AYSO soccer up to high school like I did and watching them transition through competitiveness and be with them along the way.”

One of Mentaberry’s favorite opportunities of playing with other age groups is seeing the progression of possibly her past teammates and watching them grow as an athlete. Although she has enjoyed playing soccer there have always been obstacles to getting around. Therefore, no matter the situation Mentaberry has continued with her passion with the help of the people around her.

“Struggling with the confidence in playing, but my team has always been super helpful and supportive with that,” said Mentaberry. “They have done really good with giving me confidence and that and I think we all do super good in bringing each other up in that way.”

No matter the problem the team or an individual is facing, the team members will always manage to look out for one another. Helping each other to grow as a player and improve in one way or multiple.

“I feel like I’ve definitely improved from last year and I’ve slowly gotten better in finding the confidence to do that and I’ve trained a lot harder,” said Mentaberry. “I’ve been taking time to work a lot harder and definitely improved in that way.”

Mentaberry’s effort on the field shows her growth and knowledge of the sport. She has motivated herself to become the best version and show her improvement over her years of participating in the sport.