Dealing with exes

By Carly Bell Posted December 12, 2012

Dating tip: Don’t be overly dramatic after the breakup, you will regret it.

I took a survey not too long ago, it included the questions, “Why did you guys break up? Have you ever been in love? Do you miss them?” Not all the answers were the same, but the most common response was, “It’s a long story.” This made me want to ask more questions. If they were willing to open up to me, I got some funny stories and some sad ones. Stories like, “He cheated on me”, “I didn’t like her mother”, “It wasn’t the same”, and “Horrible kisser”.

Some of the stories the student told me were humorous and some sad. When the person described to me how they felt after their boyfriend or girlfriend had cheated on them. It was rather heartbreaking, so much time and so many lies. I believe nobody deserves to be cheated on. It is a heartless and selfish thing to do. It not only breaks their heart, but it also destroys the way they look at relationships. Being cheated on is like a wound that never really heals. The scar will always be in sight.

Dating tip: Don’t hide who you are because you never know who might actually love you.

Saying you want to be a friend after a breakup is like saying you want to keep the dog after it dies. It just won’t work. Of course, some couples might be friends, but you never will be as cool as you once were. Don’t say, “I don’t want anything to be awkward between us.” Also, don’t reference your girl to cars, especially if you are planning to date them, “Babe you’re like a new car, I want to test drive you before I buy ya.” Do NOT say that to a girl. EVER.