Athlete of the Week: Juliana Velasco

Athlete of the Week: Juliana Velasco

By Taylor LaTray Posted November 15, 2012

Volleyball has recently finished, and the girls did not have a very successful season, however, it ended on what the team thought of as a good note.

Juliana Velasco is a freshman on the varsity volleyball team who has the skill of a senior. She is a hitter who plays with a hard serve and great blocks.

Tuesday, October 24 volleyball played Elko in a breast cancer awareness game. According to Velasco, the team played extremely well while they beat Elko and supported breast cancer awareness. Velasco expects next year’s team to be successful since they’re all acquainted on the court.

“My goals for myself are to make varsity again and work on my jump serve. We bonded last season towards the end and did really good for not being familiar with each other’s playing ability,” said Velasco.