December Do’s and Don’ts

December Do’s and Don’ts

By Savannah McDade and Miranda Buttram Posted December 10, 2010

This Christmas Season your Dos and Don’ts list comes filled with references from many classic and beloved seasonal movies and songs, if you do not understand it you are culturally impaired.

Putting antlers on your dog won’t make a sleigh fly, so don’t bother. No matter how undersized your heart, stealing presents will only get you arrested.

Buttram, Miranda, Reporter
Buttram, Miranda, Reporter

Don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge. Let Rudolph join in reindeer games. Make sure grandma isn’t taking a midnight stroll while Santa and his reindeer are traveling at a swift velocity.

No matter how tempting don’t stick your tongue to a frozen light pole.

Parents: Don’t leave your eight-year-old son HOME ALONE while vacationing this Christmas.

Don’t overload the neighborhood power grid with your Christmas lights.

Don’t invite Cousin Ed to Christmas.

Avoid the cosmetically deficient person attempting to lure you toward the mistletoe… RED FLAG!

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