December Staff Member of the Month Mr. Baldovin

By Staff Posted December 14, 2006

Mr. Baldovin, an English teacher of five years (one at Lowry), is this month’s new Staff Member of the Month. Upon winning this title, he was asked a series of questions.

When asked what his favorite thing about teaching is, he responded, “Reading and telling stories.” He recalls his most ironic moment as being when he asked his wife to go to Homecoming with him, keeping in mind that he was a chaperone. Like most other humans, he has had an embarrassing moment. Unlike most other humans, his most embarrassing moment is when he danced onstage at an R-5 event. Considering how much Mr. Baldovin enjoys his job, it is truly an honor to be able to call him Staff Member of the Month.

We extend thanks and gratitude to staff members who nominated these students. We can’t wait to see who the next students of the month are!

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