New Students of the Month at Lowry!

By Staff Posted December 2006

As Lowry High continues through the semester, school life intensifies. Classes become harder and more stress is distributed throughout the campus. Nevertheless, teachers and students manage to keep their heads. There are some students in the school that manage to succeed more than others do; they are the students of the month. The Students of the Month are Silver Nichols, Jordan Tucker, Eric Jacobsen, and Brett Snyder; the Staff Member of the month is Mr. Baldovin.

Silver Nichols, the Freshman Student of the Month, was picked

By her teacher Ms. Hernandez. Her teacher stated, “Silver is an excellent student. She has wonderful reading skills and works very hard. Silver has good attendance and possesses a great attitude. She also is a nice role model for her peers.” Silver is all of these things and more; she deserves to be Student of the Month.

The Sophomore Student of the Month is Jordan Tucker. The teacher that nominated him, Ms. Hernandez, said, “Jordan is an excellent student with model behavior, is always smiling and saying “Hi.” He is a good kid whether he is in a class or in the hallway, and I have never heard him cuss. Jordan is an awesome student.” Jordan represents all sophomores with a great attitude!

The Junior Student of the Month is Eric Jacobsen. Ms. Hernandez also nominated Eric. She wrote, “Eric Jacobsen is an excellent student that works hard to keep his grades up. He has excelled in Percussion and taught himself to play guitar! Eric is conscientious and compassionate to those around him. He is a driven person that seems to be able to do anything he puts his mind to.” Eric is a wonderful addition to Lowry High School; good job Eric!

The Senior Student of the Month is Brett Snyder. This student was nominated

By Mr. Walton, who said, “Brett is the only senior in a freshmen-dominated drafting class. He has a great disposition in the class. He willingly helps younger students who don’t understand something about the assignment. When he finishes his work, he simply brings homework from another class and works on that. What a great student!”

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