Do You Like To Laugh?

By Megan Griggs Posted March 3, 2010

I’m sure most of you can say that you have found yourself sitting in front of the computer for countless hours on end looking for YouTube videos that will make you laugh. Whenever friends are over and you guys are bored, or even if you just need a good laugh, it seems like everyone knows to turn to YouTube. But the question that arises then is, what should you watch, what is the funniest YouTube video? In the next few paragraphs, I will name off a few videos that have had huge reviews, and tons of laughs.

It seems like every time you get on YouTube you see links for makeup tutorials, and it seems like all of them are pretty much the same thing. Don’t give up hope yet, there is a girl out there who is taking different makeup looks and making hilarious videos making fun of the people who actually do them. One of her recent and most popular videos is Avatar Makeup Tutorial, her screen name is glowpinkstah. Also check out her video titled Lyrical Lacy, a video based on her pet peeve when people sing the lyrics to a song wrong.

While you’re on there check out the video called OMG PARAKEET (knock knock Ke$ha parody). It’s a hilarious video featuring two high school boys making up their own lyrics to the popular Ke$ha song, Tik-Tok. Not only do their made-up words make the video funny, but the way they dance around and their facial expressions are also all part of it as well. A few more funny videos to check out include ultimate freakout and salad fingers. Both videos have their own kind of humor to make you laugh.

So no matter what kind of stuff gets you to giggle, I’m positive that you will bust up laughing at some point while watching these videos.

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