Does the hybrid schedule work?

Does the hybrid schedule work?

By Kiley Dayton Posted: December 18, 2020

Some schools have completely shut down, but luckily we’ve been able to stay in school. Not five days a week but two days a week, we call it the hybrid schedule. 

Something I’ve noticed about the schedule is I like not having to go five days a week and it’s easier being on my own time, I feel I’m able to have more time to myself and to get things done on my own time. I do prefer the hybrid schedule over a normal year.

Although with this year, I realized it’s very easy to let your grades slip due to not having as many assignments compared to a normal year. If you miss one thing your grade can drop within a day. Most lessons are cut shorter so instead of a full five-class period we only get two, and usually those two class periods for notes so you don’t have the time to ask questions in person. It’s nice to have email though because I’m forgetful sometimes and so having email I’m able It’s easier to say to email the teacher questions I have or get help on things I need help with. 

With COVID-19 still lingering around, we have to take precautions when it comes to turning in work. Completing work online makes it easier for students and teachers to submit work and grade work. For some students like myself, I have a hard time working on the computer. It strains my eyes badly, I now need special blue light filtering glasses to even be able to look at a screen for more than ten minutes. They help me out so I’m not having recurring headaches or sore eyes while working online.

I do love the hybrid schedule because with the school in general It feels like there’s a lot less drama that goes on throughout the week. In a normal school year, I felt like there were too many issues and problems between friend groups or just students in general. No matter how we do school there’s always going to be drama but this way makes it feel like there’s a lot less than a normal year.

On another note checking in for school can be hard to remember on your home or virtual days. I like to set an alarm to go off at around eleven am. This helps reduce absence days, we all have our own lives out of school, and some days even though it’s considered a school day I get busy with other things or going places. 

Overall, no matter what way the school does there learning there are going to be pros and cons, I believe this has more effectiveness than it does ineffective and with today’s technology, it’s easier to do it this way because we are still able to contact teachers and staff members, even our classmates.

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