Don’t get caught in a web of lies

By Taylor LaTray Posted December 18, 2013

A trend in today’s society is to create your own world full of lies, piling them up until each individual believes each lie they speak, and the truth will never be known. However, I do not understand the reason for lying. Lies create trouble and ruin relationships and lives.

Whether to stay out of trouble or to make oneself look better, lies are inevitable and everyone lies. Little white lies are understandable such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or even failing to remember a task you were supposed to complete and creating a lie to cover your behind. It’s the inability to separate small lies from larger ones that lead to misunderstandings.

When individuals are able to pull off continuous lies, their lies become more elaborate because they feel it will benefit them. Eventually, lies continue to stack up ruining your own life and hurting others.

I would rather someone be brutally honest with me than be secretive and lie because frankly, lies can tear a person apart and ruin trust, and without trust, a lot of things will fail. Failures of the ability to work together, bonding aspects, and plenty more characteristics may ensue with a single lie. Maybe not soon, but each lie will always haunt your conscience and come back around to bite you in the butt. So before you spread a rumor or falsely state something, remember the consequences will come, whether sooner or later.