Emotions are natural

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 16, 2013

A lack of emotion and a strong persona will hold you back in life. To find love and/or happiness one must bond with another also in order to bond with friends, family, or significant others you must be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means letting down a wall and showing that you have a soft spot, because no matter how hard you are, everyone has feelings. If you wish to have successful relationships let down your walls and show some emotion; it’s natural. Having feelings is normal.

However, having too many emotions or being too open can get you in trouble. There is a happy medium and it’s not that hard to reach. When it comes to crying, if it’s honest and sincere and you’re not crying every day, then no one is going to judge you. Let it out; holding your emotions back will drive you farther away from the people in your life and can even keep you from reaching your goals. The expression of emotions is necessary in life, and one can only be truly happy if they are aware and proud of their feelings.

Different people identify and define their emotions in multiple ways. In all the ways they are expressed, emotions affect your actions, behavior, and control your thinking. According to MKProjects when emotions are hidden and put off it can cause serious illness. MKProjects also explained that when these emotions are negative such as fear, anxiety, frustration, etc. The chemicals in your body when your emotions are negative are different from those from when your mood is positive and healthy, this build-up of emotions leads to illnesses.

So not only does holding your emotions back have an effect on your relationships, but also your health and happiness; three very important things in life.