Espinola chooses student of the week from the CTE department

Espinola chooses student of the week from the CTE department

Zane St. Pierre
By Bradly Myers Posted: November 23, 2020

Zane St. Pierre was picked for Student of the Week in Web Design by Ron Espinola. Espinola picked Zane because he is attentive and makes an effort to stay informed. 

“He was the first student that I have had who requested and showed up for a Google Meet conference,” said Espinola.

Zane made attempts to get his work done and get ahead regardless of the holiday.

“He took the time to do this on Nevada Day and we accomplished a lot,” said Espinola.

Zane like many others is starting to feel the effects that the coronavirus has brought. Like many he feels the weeks drag on and feels like the weeks are going slowly.

“To be honest it’s not that good. It’s like only going two days a week and I don’t know everything is feeling so slow,” said St. Pierre.

Regardless of the troubles, Zane appreciates Espinola’s help.

 “He always helps me when I need help,” said St. Pierre.

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic elements of web design and development. Students will learn about content placement, use of color and graphics, typography, and message using industry-standard software. Students are introduced to various web design languages, design concepts, and layout theory.

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