Leadership breaks down virtual walls

Leadership breaks down virtual walls

By Araceli Galarza Posted: November 23, 2020

Due to the spread of the coronavirus many things have changed. There have been many problems that have occurred whether it’s with the distance learning or the separation of the school. However, as a community local and school, we have managed to come together and get ahead. This year’s leadership class is no different. 

The leadership class regional conference was coming up and they weren’t about to cancel. Due to the coronavirus rather than meeting up like it has been done in years passed the Leadership class organized a giant Zoom call where over 400 student leaders and advisors joined via Zoom. Students and faculty alike also have a chance to hear from keynote speaker, Kate Garnes.

“Today brought together over 400 student leaders and advisors who joined us via Zoom for student led leadership training and an amazing keynote speaker, Kate Garnes,” explained Julia Topholm. 

Julia Topholm, this year’s solo leadership advisor expressed her gratitude toward the Student body president Anjolie Karrer as well as Reed High School’s Western Region Representative, Dawson Deal.

“Anjolie Karrer, our LHS Student Body President and NASC Northern Region Representative, planned and executed the conference with the NASC Western Region Representative, Dawson Deal, from Reed High School in Sparks,” said Topholm. 

A lot of behind the scenes work went into successfully pulling off the first ever virtual regional conference. Alexis Galarza, a freshman explained the different precautions as well as the work that the leadership students did. 

“To prepare for the conference the leadership class would come in either on virtual days or Saturdays to help set up and get shirts printed and gift bags made,” said Galarza. “To stay safe of the virus each student split up throughout the art building in different classrooms. there we spread out more than 6 feet away so we were able to take off our masks in the zoom meeting themselves.”

The student put in extra work on weekends and what they did as a class to make the conference more personal. 

“We actually printed the conference shirts ourselves and made ceramic Nevada’s with stickers that we gave to each student that attended,” said Karrer. “We mailed the shirts and little gifts to each council so we could keep the contact to a minimum. The class I would say worked very hard in making sure all of our portion of the tasks were completed several days before the conference.”

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