Fake News: Lone Trump protester vows to carry on

By Levi Lester Posted December 20, 2016

Although some may not want to accept it, Donald J. Trump is still the President-Elect. After his election protests erupted as a result of Trump’s stunning win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, beating her in electoral votes, 290-232; but losing the popular vote.

Many of these protesters were outraged over Trump’s win with signs saying “Not my President” and “Impeach Trump.”

When the results were announced that Trump won, protesters everywhere began marching in the streets and have been since election night in cities all over America. Notable cities include Portland, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Wichita as well as many universities across the country.

Recently, a Lowry student, Rob Hilton, was seen at lunch yelling, ”Where’s my trophy!.”

One witness described the protester as, “A cause that may already be lost” and “Young adolescents throwing a fit over unreasonable claims.”

Hilton, however, feels he needs a reward for taking a stand.

“I’m not really for or against Trump; I just like trophies,” said Hilton.

As of December 20, Hilton still walks the Lowry’s campus. School officials have warned him that they are about ready to give in to his demands.

Students described the students’ determination as “noteworthy” and “a very strange display.” Millenials protesters everywhere are taking up Hilton’s call for trophies.