Fake News: Student regrets first tattoo

By Peyton Capellen Posted December 20, 2016

Senior, Roberto Rodriguez, got his first tattoo last month. What better tattoo to get than the name of his girlfriend of many years Alanna Miller.

Rather than go to his father, who is a tattoo artist, Rodriguez decided to try a new artist in the community.

Rodriguez’s excitement about getting Alanna’s name on his right calf didn’t last long.

“Everything was going good, it didn’t even hurt that bad. When I looked in the mirror to see the finished product though, something was wrong,” said Rodriguez.

“The name on my calf spelled Alena. I didn’t know what to do, I should have listened to my dad. I should have checked earlier to make sure he was doing it right because the whole time he was more focused on a bag of Cheetos than the actual tattoo. What sucks the most is now I’m too embarrassed to wear shorts in public,” said Rodriguez.

Roberto’s girlfriend was not too happy about the whole incident either.

“I knew Roberto was getting a tattoo of my name but when I asked him to see it he completely changed the subject, and whenever I even got close to his calf he would freak out. Eventually I became so annoyed that he wouldn’t show me the tattoo that I looked at it while he was sleeping. I could not believe what I saw,” said Miller.

Roberto is currently waiting to hear back from the reality TV show “Tattoo Nightmares” to see if they will accept his case and tattoo over the mishap.

His dad only said, “I told you so.”

If he can’t get the tattoo removed he intends to find a new girlfriend with the name Alena.