Fake News: TBH goes drastically wrong

By Dylan Kalkoske Posted December 20, 2016

A new Twitter fad is where someone posts a picture that says TBH on it. If you have ever liked one you have probably realized that you get a very generic response that maybe says, “I don’t know you but you seem cool.” Except for an incident where exes, Joe Peterson and Elise Rose took things too far and the truth was revealed.

On October 30, Peterson posted on Twitter a TBH which Rose then liked. Peterson sent her a direct message saying, “TBH I can’t believe you told me you like me so much then broke up with me two days later because of some girl drama, real mature. Still hurt about it, but I guess you didn’t know what you were losing before you lost it.”

“I said I liked you because I didn’t want to hurt your self esteem,” said Rose.

They exchanged a couple more messages and things kept getting worse. Girls from all around the school teamed up and bashed on Peterson for weeks on social media. Peterson got tired of it and tried to fix things but nothing worked, so he confronted Rose at school and tried to talk things out but Rose did something no one would have thought she would do.

Rose slapped Peterson as hard as she could. Peterson didn’t even flinch and Rose went for another slap and he dodged it, then pushed her to the ground. Rose stood up and slapped Peterson as hard as she could, then teachers swarmed them.

So if you ever have the urge to post a TBH on twitter, just stay with the trend and say something that is fake or you don’t mean to keep yourself out of trouble.