Fake News: Underclassmen can’t leave campus during lunch

By Nick Petty Posted December 20, 2016

Oh no, the tables have turned on the underclassmen.

Lowry staff have been telling Principal Ray Parks that underclassmen would focus a lot better in school if they did not leave campus during lunch. So now the head of Lowry is making it a rule to ensure underclassmen do not leave during lunch. But how they enforce it is up to the staff. Of course there will be underclassmen students who will sneak their way off campus. Installing an I.D. scanner at all main exits will ensure that no underclassmen will leave until school ends.

Students are legally obligated to stay attend school for the full seven periods. Lowry’s also offers an abundance of lunchtime activities for students to get involved in, and studying in the library can prove to be useful in improving grades.
Also, teachers think using this time wisely could help a student cram for a test or finish up homework. Teachers strongly believe that this will help improve student’s grades and academic ability to efficiently learn.

There are students who have rebelled against this rule and are peacefully going on strike. Students are constantly complaining to the staff about how it isn’t fair and now they are listing out reasons why and how it wouldn’t affect their grades at all. Sophomore student Chayton Drobny explains why he doesn’t support this new rule.

“In all honesty, I know my grades will be just fine even though I am going out to lunch. I don’t see how going off campus for lunch for less than 30 minutes is going to affect my grades. If I need to catch up on school work I could just go to the library after school or before school. So I don’t believe in this rule nor do I support it,” said Drobny.

Lowry staff have come to a mutual agreement of letting underclassmen have the privilege of leaving campus if their grade point average can accumulate a 3.5 or higher.