Featured Club: Inside Lowry’s Paintball Club

Featured Club: Inside Lowry’s Paintball Club

By Joey Lester Posted February 18, 2009

Lowry has many different clubs for students seeking an extra activity at school. One of which is Lowry’s very own Paintball Club.

Heather Yaden, a Lowry alumna, started the paintball club in 2004 which has gained more popularity as it has been a part of the many clubs at school. There are between 20 and 25 students involved in the Paintball Club currently, but they could always use more.

“Having more players just adds to the fun, it creates more of a target-rich environment,” said Mr. Larry Storm, the advisor of the Paintball Club. The club has extra equipment such as paintball guns, masks, pads, etc. for those wanting to play but do not own any paintball equipment.

The club’s courses are out Jungo road and off of Reinheart drive on land provided by Tim and Beth Thompson, and Garly Amos. The club uses these sites on a regular basis.

The club is lead by, senior, Sean Raynor who is vice president and, junior, Chris Pike, who is the President. Pike said, “it’s a great activity which can create many opportunities in school.”

Paintball club can actually help you improve in school with help from the advisor Mr. Storm. Chris, like Storm also encourages other students who want to come out and play with the club. The more people they have with them while they are out playing, the more fun they will have.

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