‘Finding Dory’; She ‘just keeps swimming’ after 13 years

By Ale Ibarra Posted November 08, 2016

The sequel to “Finding Nemo” is the family-friendly “Finding Dory”. The friendly but forgetful blue tang fish remembers that she has long-lost parents and teams up with Nemo and Marlin to find them due to her memory loss.

It starts out with Dory flashing back to a memory of a family during a lesson in Nemo’s class. When Marlin and Nemo agree to help, they also get help from Crush (the sea turtle) and ride a water current to California. Along the way, she is captured and taken to a California public aquarium out of Marlin and Nemo’s sight. Further into the movie, Dory slowly starts to regain little memories of her parents. She also reunites with her childhood friend Destiny who is a near-sighted whale shark and befriends a crabby octopus. The story, created by the original’s writer-director Andrew Stanton, who then co-wrote the script with Victoria Strouse, picks up a year after the conclusion of “Finding Nemo”.

With Ellen DeGeneres as the voice of Dory, the film can easily draw attention as it is. Although, some critics gave this emotional sequel less than 4-5 stars, this movie still lives up to the majority of the people’s expectations.