Truckee beats Lowry varsity volleyball 3-1

By Levi Lester, Posted November 04, 2016

On October 27, Lowry varsity volleyball took on Truckee with a loss of 3-1 against Truckee at their home conference game.

Lowry’s record overall is 10 wins along with 16 losses this season so far.

Coach Brandon Eastman talked about his team’s performance against Truckee.

“We went against a tough Truckee team, but overall we performed well and covered many aspects in formation and key points,” said Eastman.

With Truckee dominating Lowry so far this season Eastman explains how Truckee has been a challenging team for the Buckaroos.

“Truckee has always been a hard team to beat whether it’s been this year or the last it’s always a tough one,” said Eastman.

The team has valuable players and have contributed to the team’s growth as Eastman puts it. “This year our team has grown to better themselves and make the experience a fun one with hard work and dedication,” said Eastman.

The Buckaroos will face off against the South Tahoe Vikings on November 4th.