The city of ‘daring dreams’ depicts making a living for yourself in ‘Atlanta’

By Levi Lester Posted November 03, 2016

The rap artist Donald Glover more commonly known as his persona, Childish Gambino, has fabricated a new TV series that follows Earl (Donald Glover) who is trying to assist his cousin Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles (Bryan Tyree Henry) who is striving to make a name for himself in Atlanta, Georgia. Carrying past issues with his relatives, Earl hopes to make amends with his girlfriend Van (Zazie Beets) and his family by going back to Atlanta. Needing help with Alfred’s rap gig Earl signs on as a manager to Alfred along with the help from Alfred’s friend Darius (Lakeith Stanfield).

Having little funds to support his family Earl is scraping by with barely paying the bills and subsidizing the needs for his family. In the hopes of mending his life together Earl trusts in Alfred’s decision to go into the rap business and hopefully flip his life around for the better. Glover’s ideals and personality help to mold “Atlanta” into not necessarily preaching a message, but embodying a better understanding of social movements and the lives people live daily. “Atlanta” uses vigourous emotion to interject the message of what it’s like to be black in our day and age in America. Donald, who is the show’s creator, director, executive producer, writer, and music producer really puts his heart and soul into creating something of his own to share with the world.

“Atlanta” is a must watch comedy as Donald really divides his life into the show’s characters making an overall impact on the audience.