Foreign Language Student of the Week: Ingrid Vaca

Foreign Language Student of the Week: Ingrid Vaca

By Hadley Hatch Posted: October 22, 2020

In the Foreign Language Department, Mr. Clay Sagers chose Ingrid Vaca as the Student of the Week.

“She is working extra hard in all of her classes along with trying to learn English,” said Sagers. 

Ingrid is currently attending all her classes and staying consistently busy she clearly shows this to Mr. Sagers.

“She is an example and motivation to me and the other students around her,” said Sagers. “She has a great work ethic and that will get her far in life.” 

Ingrid shows her work ethic not only in school but at her two jobs as well.

“She works two jobs outside of school and stays up late to get her homework done,” said Sagers. “Not only is it hard trying to do well in high school while learning english but she has the responsibility of doing that while trying to provide for herself as well.”

Ingrid is a talented and hard working student. She loves school and strives to do her best.

“In the school, I can learn, the teachers help me and teach me English,” said Vaca.

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