CTE Student of the Week named

CTE Student of the Week named

By Bradly Myers and Araceli Galarza Posted: October 22, 2020

Some students go above and beyond. These special students deserve recognition. This week Mrs. Lisa Scott chose Nina Ellett as the CTE Student of the Week. 

Mrs. Scott picked Ellett Because, “Nina is very helpful, works with a good attitude, and needs little direction,” said Scott. “She gets her work done quickly and is willing to help out by taking pictures, organizing materials, and any other project that I ask her to do.  I really appreciate all that she has done for me since school started.”

Nina enjoys the learning opportunities that come with the class.

“I like how the CTE classes provide an opportunity to learn something that you can use after high school, and even if you do not do something relevant to that class, it will still help you and give you experience,” said Ellett. 

If Nina is not at school, you can find her working or spending time with her dog. 

“I have one dog named Jake, and he is a pure breed field spaniel; he is 14 years old,” said Ellett. “I love going out and hiking with him and walking. He doesn’t fetch or play with toys, so to keep him active, I had to think of different ways for him to get his energy out.”

Like many other students, Ellett is having a hard time adjusting to the new environment at the school, but she is finding the good in a tough situation.

“The days being split is taking away an education from us; it’s hard to accomplish everything we normally would have in a normal week when we are only going to school two days a week,” said Ellett. “I do like that I can work more and can accomplish certain school work on my time.”

Nina is also already thinking about what life after high school would be like but is not too worried about the direction that life will take her.

“After high school, I plan on taking some business classes in college, maybe getting a degree, but none of my plans are set in stone; I like to live by the saying “plans are subject to change,” said Ellett.

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