Seniors get a jump start on their future

Seniors get a jump start on their future

By Alexis Galarza Posted: October 29, 2020

As the year progresses, seniors are taking the opportunity to practice interviewing. In these interviews, they are expected to dress accordingly and are asked real-life interview questions.

The senior interviews wouldn’t be possible without Mrs. Cherese Fifield and the fellow teachers who volunteer to do the interviews. Fifield is the one behind the scenes making schedules and organizes the interviews themselves.

“These interviews ask some more in depth questions such as what motivates you, what have you learned from your mistakes/successes…that most students have not had to think about let alone talk to a stranger about,” said Fifield.

The interviews Fifield puts on allow students to grasp what an interview would be like and targets their strengths and weaknesses.

“They are also what their goals are in the next 2-4 years…college, trade school, or FAFSA,” said Fifield.

Ultimately showcasing how having the opportunity to go in and be interviewed gets students thinking about how they want their life to look like and gets them prepared to make that decision later on.

Mr. Jeff Dawson, manager at Walmart, had the chance to interview some seniors.

“I think it went awesome, the kids are super positive. I think it’s a great learning opportunity for a lot of the students,” said Dawson.

In senior interviews, students are asked simple interview questions a regular employer would ask. Different teachers like Dawson take turns asking. Overall, giving them a chance to experience what an interview would be like before they get out into the real world.

“It’s a little different this year than it has been, obviously, because of COVID and everything,” said Dawson.

Mrs. Fifield also touched on this subject, describing how teachers and students weren’t allowed to shake hands, had to follow social distancing guidelines, and also had to be wearing masks. Making it more difficult to hear the relatively quieter students.

“The year was slightly different in the physical logistics of the interview; no handshakes, wearing masks, and social distancing,” said Fifield.

Jeremy Walker getting interviewed by Sheri Snyder, a retired employee from Newmont Gold./ Ron Espinola • Lowry Multimedia Communication
Jeremy Walker getting interviewed by Sheri Snyder, a retired employee from Newmont Gold./ Ron Espinola • Lowry Multimedia Communication

Lilliana Lopez, a senior this year, was one of the students who was interviewed.

“The interview went well, it prepared me for future reference when applying for a job things to do and not do while in an interview,” said Lopez.

Lopez said she was able to answer questions that she had not thought about, demonstrating how important these interviews are. While also conveying the idea that the interviews will allow students to feel more comfortable in similar situations in the future.

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