Freshman girl’s basketball has successful season

Freshman girl’s basketball has successful season

By Hayley Goldblatt Posted February 15, 2012

On February 7, the freshman Lady Bucks played Elko at home. The Lady Bucks fought a hard battle with one of their biggest rivals and ended up losing 42-27. Elko were ahead for most of the game, and towards the end of the game, when they realized defeat was evident, the Lady Bucks just seemed to give up.

When asked about what they could have done differently, one girl said “We couldn’t have given up, we should have continued to play tough D [defense], we should have hustled more,” which was pretty much the opinion of the team.

The game against Elko was the last in the season, and it decided who took first in the conference. The girls are ready for next season though, with a couple already telling this reporter what they think they should improve on for next year. One girl said, “I should have improved in my endurance.” Another said, “Maybe boxing out, or took more shots or not taken a few that I did.”

All in all, a great game played by the freshman girls against Elko. Even though they lost, they had great team spirit. It will be interesting to see how much they improve for next year when they play again.

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