The “Luck of the Irish”

By Justin Albright Posted December 12, 2012

By now every college football fan knows that the BCS National Championship game is set in stone, and will feature perennial powerhouses Alabama and Notre Dame.

Notre Dame fans are ecstatic in claiming that the Irish are “back”. But even if the Irish pull out a miracle and defeat the Crimson Tide, this game is in reality, not even the real title game.

Everybody seems to be forgetting about the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes, and their superstar quarterback Braxton Miller. Under first-year coach Urban Meyer the Buckeyes have had one of the best seasons in school history, which is saying something since this is one of the most storied college programs in the nation. But it’s all in vain because of the actions of a couple of players who decided to sell bowl game rings and a player that received a free tattoo.

In reality, how terrible is it to sell a ring to get a few extra dollars, or to even get a free tattoo because you can’t afford to get one? The Buckeyes received a one-year bowl ban, and three years of probation, and is stripped of scholarships for the next three seasons. Despite all these ridiculous penalties, the Buckeyes have had a season for the ages. Out of their 12 wins, 10 of those have been by seven points or more.

The Irish and Crimson Tide will be playing for the right to earn another Championship for their school, but this shouldn’t even be considered the real championship. Ohio State is one of the best teams in the nation, and they won’t even be able to try to prove it due to their ridiculous postseason ban.