Freshman Lady Bucks have high expectations for the season  

Freshman Lady Bucks have high expectations for the season  

By Ludi Canales Posted December 16, 2022

The freshman girl’s basketball team chose 13 girls for this year’s team, including a manager. The coaches this year believe there will be a fantastic turnout.  

Coach Larry Renteria is very optimistic about the incoming freshman team. 

“I am hopeful that we will have a successful season of learning, growing, building memories, and creating a lasting experience that will foster a strong work ethic that extends beyond basketball,” said Renteria before tryouts.

Student athlete, Crystall Krieger is very excited to play a high school basketball season, with her finalized team.  

“I was very excited when I found out that I made the freshman team, I am comfortable with the girls on my team and I feel like we will do good and have a great season this year,” said Krieger after tryouts. 

Brenna Schiermeister is making goals for her first high school basketball season. 

“I’ve only been playing basketball for a year, but I feel like I am going to improve a lot this season,” said Schiermeister. “I have been working super hard on my defense, and have a good feeling it will show throughout the season. I also have been working on my shots, and I hope by the end of the season I will be able to make at least half of my shots.”

The entire team this year is very positive and is expecting a great season. 

Roster: Maite Avalos, Liliana Barajas, Ludivynne Canales, Matti DeLong, Crystal Hart, Lexi Hernandez, Maria Palacios Juarez, Kalli Raabe, Mariah Ramos, Brenna Schiermeister, Macy Whitted, and Cylie Spriet.