Friends since…

Friends since…

By Ally Green Posted June 8, 2023

Carlos Aguilar and Robert Gabriel have been friends since junior high and met at a barbecue and after that became good friends.

“We’ve been friends for a couple of years, since junior high,” said Aguilar and Gabriel. “We met at a barbecue party he was showing me around the junior high and we started connecting and hanging out more and talking more and became more friends.”

Aguilar and Gabriel became friends during junior high and found that they had a lot of things in common and started hanging out and talking with each other which caused them to create a friendship.

“We started hanging out after school considering we lived close to the school, we got most of our work done together, and we mainly help each other out when we need it,” said Aguilar and Gabriel. “We both are trying to get jobs and we’ll still talk and everything. We’ll still stay in touch because no matter what, if one of us needs something, the other one is there for each other.”

They know that friendships in high school can be challenging at times but know when one needs the other, they will always be there.

“Something that we share in common is probably the craziness and the personality,” said Aguilar and Gabriel.

A significant aspect of their friendship was what they had in common. Most of the time, friendships are opposite of each other, therefore Aguilar and Gabriel have common personalities and the same amount of enthusiasm that they share which made them such good friends. 

Jacey Elordi and Charissa Kramer

Jacey Elordi and Charissa Kramer became friends because of their similar interests through the school year and decided to hang out and became friends and over the years spent a lot of their time with each other.

“Me and Jacey have been friends for about four years now,” said Kramer. “Over the years we had a lot of the same classes and participated in the same events. This allowed us to get to know each other and learn we share a lot of common interests.” 

The two girls met by being in the same events and saw that they had similar interests and then became close friends and started doing things together.

“Charissa and I became friends by having mutual classes together,” said Elordi. “When we were in the 8th grade we conversed together and realized we were a lot alike and had many mutual interests so we decided to hang out outside of school and we have been friends ever since.”

The girls have carried their friendship up to their senior year of high school and even if jobs or other things in their life have caused them to not hang out as much, they remain as good friends.

Emilio Magaña and Rodger Facey

Emilio Magaña and Rodger Facey have been friends ever since the first year of junior high and up till their senior year of high school have remained friends and have been inseparable ever since then.

“We met in 7th grade in a history class,” said Magaña. “We started talking because we had that class together and soon became really good friends.”

When they first met it was in a history class they shared and soon got close and realized they shared the same interests.

Jada Matheny and Marquette Cassinelli

Matheny and Cassinelli grew up with each other while going to school and soon found a common interest between them. It’s true, sports create bonds that you might not have considered happening.

“Me and Jada met when we were in elementary school but we weren’t that close of friends and we didn’t talk that often,” said Cassinelli. “But we started to become close in 7th grade because we were each other’s volleyball partners. And we have remained best friends since.”

Even though Matheny and Cassinelli did not become friends sooner during their elementary school years, they made up all the time starting in junior high, leading up to their senior year of high school as well as, participating in the sport that brought them together in the first place.

“We have known each other since we were in elementary school but we didn’t become close friends until 7th grade,” said Matheny. “We became really close friends through volleyball and stayed super close ever since.”

High school is the most important time of someone’s life, because of the friendships and the memories that they will be able to look back on later in life.