Lowry’s bravest students choose to serve their country

Lowry’s bravest students choose to serve their country

By Audry Mason Posted June 8, 2023

Several of Lowry’s students have thought about going into the service, but how many of them actually do? 

Senior, Jayden Taylor, has decided to take on the Navy. The Navy caught his attention more than any of the other branches in the military. 

“I knew I was going into the Navy when they came to the school to give speeches,” said Taylor. “The way they gave their speeches while presenting to us during career night was really inspiring for me.” 

At the end of his senior year, Taylor will start his basic training for 10 weeks, and attend a year of medical schooling. After this senior finishes his training he wishes to be a Medical Corpsman for the Navy. 

“I’m going to miss my friends and family here but it will be nice to get out of this town,” said Taylor. 

Jason Barbosa is another one of Lowry’s brave seniors choosing to fight for America. Barbosa plans to join the military to become a mechanic. 

“I’ve always wanted to join the military and it pays for my schooling to be a mechanic,” said Barbosa. 

In order to become a mechanic, Barbosa must first take basic training. Although after his time in the service, Barbosa wishes to attend college. 

“After the service, I want to go to Whittier College to become a technician,” said Barbosa. 

Tom Moser is also another senior who has decided to commit to the service for various reasons. 

“I want to benefit from the service by learning valuable skills, and to help set myself up for my future life, “ said Moser. 

Moser is excited for his time in the service and is taking it all in bit by bit. Although Moser isn’t completely sure how his near future will turn out, he knows he’ll miss his family. 

“I can’t wait for what the future holds for me but I know that I’m going to miss my family and friends like crazy,” said Moser. 

There are several job possibilities for Moser and he is still very undecided about what he wants to do. The military is only one of his options, but he is keeping his mind wide open. 

“I have over 150 different jobs I could do and I haven’t picked one yet,” said Moser. “I’m not sure if I will go to college after my time in the service, college isn’t really for me.” 

Another graduating senior joining the military is Natalie Albertson. After Albertson graduates, she will be enlisting in August, and doing on-the-job training and going to school part-time before the end of her training. She will be working to become a part-time fire medic for her own enjoyment and to help those around her. 

“I have a lot of family working in the medical service and I want to be able to help people who can’t afford to help themselves,” said Albertson. 

Lowry High provided Albertson with the EMT class she needed to finish for her training. She will also be doing a year’s worth of on-hand training before she can do things on her own. Albertson has thoughts of attending a university after her time in the military. 

“If I go to the military I will plan to go to school afterward at ASU,” said Albertson.  

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