Seniors most embarrassing moments

Seniors most embarrassing moments

By Alexa Toscano Posted June 8, 2023

The Lowry Class of 2023 is sad to leave this year, however, they have made many memorable memories throughout their four years of high school. This includes memories that they wish they could forget, such as their most embarrassing moments throughout high school.

Many students share embarrassing moments, such as falling during school hours. Unfortunately for Isaac Danner, this happened during an important event. 

“Most embarrassing moment would be falling during my homecoming assembly,” said Danner.

The good thing for Danner is that he hasn’t been the first or last person to fall at school. However, Juan Lopez Barajas might have had a more original experience. 

“It wasn’t really embarrassing but pulling my pants down freshman year to make Mr. Cabatbat mad and doing it again to Mr. Bernardi on top of a shed my junior year,” said Lopez Barajas.

For Alfredo Figueroa, his moment was so memorable that the school had to make a change. 

“I got thrown into the bushes by my friends during our freshmen year and it led to the bushes getting cut down the following year,” said Figueroa.

 For Stephanie Lozano-Chavez, her moment happened during the pandemic. 

“Probably not being here after the pandemic, everyone came back and I was stuck doing distance education. Everyone changed,” said Lozano-Chavez. 

Many look back at their moments and realize how much they regret them such as Trisha Fulkrod.  

“I used to scream at my friends when they were going to class our freshmen year,” said Fulkrod. “ It was supposed to just be things we were joking about but it was pretty cringy.”

For Marcos Rodriguez, his moment happened just a couple of weeks ago.  

“I was sitting down a couple of weeks ago on this old yellow school chair,” said Rodriguez. “I got up and I got two holes in my pants, one on my thigh and one on my butt. And I ran out of the classroom screaming, ‘I got holes in my pants’. 

This action led to his friend, Wade Mori, having to duct tape the chair to try to “fix it”. This gave Rodriguez the idea that the tape could fix his pants but unfortunately for him, it did not work in his favor. 

Kiley Dayton’s most embarrassing moment took place in her classroom. “I went to go like stand up out of my desk and my lanyard caught and I ended up taking the whole desk and tumbling over it in Mrs. Odoms’ class at the beginning of this year,” said Dayton.