Game review: ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’

Game review: ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’

By Trenton Smith Posted December 14, 2011

Skyrim is the talk of the town in the gaming universe.

Senior Kevin Boyle said, “It’s crazy how many hours you put into it.”

According to Boyle, “it could go toe-to-toe with games such as ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ and ‘Batman: Arkham City’ and his character looks like he came straight out of ‘Assassin’s Creed.’

Skyrim is considered by many to be the best role-playing game ever made. Boyle obviously likes this game; and with good reason. There are many cool features about Skyrim.

According to Gameinformer magazine, Skyrim is the story of a mortal imbued with ancestral draconic powers used to fulfill a prophecy and oppose the dragon god Anduil. Everyone who has or will play through Skyrim has or will see that tale unfold, regardless of the choices they make. This central provides a narrative framework, but the Elder Scrolls series built its massive following on the spaces between the key plot points. The freedom to explore a vast world, interact with its inhabitants, and undertake countless quests is what defines the unique experiences for thousands of Elder Scrolls fans, and Skyrim is no different.

A character from "Elder Scrolls." /Courtesy •
A character from “Elder Scrolls.” /Courtesy •

Which guilds do you join? Which skills do you develop? When you first emerge from captivity, in which direction do you start walking? Gameinformer journalist Joe Juba visited Bethesda Game Studios to play over three hours of Skyrim before the game’s November 11 release date and answer those questions for himself, setting the main story aside to focus on the areas that will distinguish each player’s run through.

Since this is an Elder Scroll’s game, you get to create your own character from scratch. You can choose the race of your character (this can include anything from a Werewolf to a Dark Elf), the aptitude of your character, choosing between preset male and female faces, hairstyles and colors, and there are even beard options (for the guys obviously).

If you’ve played previous Elder Scrolls games, you know that they all start with your character as a prisoner and escaping. Joe Juba wasn’t able to see this sequence because Bethesda Game Studios hadn’t released the game yet, and they were keeping it secret. But, thankful for us, the game has already been released, so we have confirmed that the beginning sequence is the same way as any other Elder Scrolls game.

You have been captured by the Imperial Army (the game never even gives you a single clue as to why). You are about to be executed when a dragon drops from the sky setting off a cascade of events that leads to your escape; the dragon attacks, causing pandemonium. In this chaos, you are able to escape into an underground passage inside of a mountain. This beginning sequence is also your tutorial. In this time you are able to choose your weapon(s) combination. This could include combinations like a typical sword and shield, a spear and sword, an ax and sword, you can even put a hammer in to make insane weapon(s) combinations. You can carry two weapons in your hands and more on your back. Your combinations are limited in number, however. The stronger you make your character, the more weapons he can carry. Like the stronger characters can hold a staff and an ax in his or her hands and then have a shield, bow and arrow on his back also with a sword on his belt.

A character from "Elder Scrolls." /Courtesy •
A character from “Elder Scrolls.” /Courtesy •

But after you escape, unlike in Oblivion, even though Skyrim has the fast-travel option, but you have to find villages and towns before you can use it. So once you have decided on a location to head towards, you should mess with the controls then. That would be the best time to do stuff like that. That’s what you should always do. Tutorials show you what most of the controls do, but not all of them. Whenever you don’t have anything to do in the game, you should mess around with the controls to see all the moves and combos that your player possesses in the game.

Skyrim is being called the best game of the year and the best Elder Scrolls game ever made. Considering the fact that you create your player, their attributes, their weapon combinations, their armor, create potions, use magic and magical weapons, go on quests, and slay dragons, that’s probably a pretty accurate guess. And just in case you don’t already know, this game is already out and is playable on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Personal Computer (PC). So either ask your parents to get you it for Christmas or just go out and get yourself!

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