Gearing up for prom

By Jessie Schirrick, Posted April 22, 2014

It’s that time of year again when you scramble to find a date, a dress, or a tuxedo, organize dinner plans, and figure out how exactly you’re going to tame the mane. It’s prom season, and though it imposes a lot of stress and costs way more money than it’s worth if you make the best of it you can have a great time.

Although it may sound like horrible advice, don’t “prompose” too early. You don’t want to have your date lined up and figured out just so all your plans can fall apart after they ditch you (as is the trend this year.) Wait until the end of March or the beginning of April so your date will still have enough time to prepare but not enough time to change their mind and back out on you.

Girls, find your dress BEFORE you find a date, the earlier you have that taken care of, the better. The earlier you get it means more time to make alterations if needed or exchange it if you don’t like it when it comes. More importantly, if you order it online make sure the website is legitimate. Do your research and read the customer reviews. There are a lot of websites that just will take your money and send you your dress in a completely different color or size if you aren’t careful.

If you plan to eat dinner with a group of friends make sure the dinner party accommodates both you and your date, don’t make plans or promises with any of your friends without talking to your date first. It’s courteous and it’s important to make sure you will both have fun.

Most importantly, have a blast. Even if your dress is too short or your prom date is a last resort, the point is to let loose and get funky so don’t let these minor details determine the experience. Prom will be held May 3 at the Winnemucca Convention Center and ticket sales are being held now until May 2.