Handling a broken friendship

By Mayte Castellanos, Posted April 21, 2014

Ever had a friend for a really long time and you guys just start growing further and further apart? Well, that’s high school for you. Friendships get ruined and new ones come.

How should you handle a broken friendship? In a past experience of having a friend for about eight years, we just started drifting apart and just stopped talking.

What you can do is go home watch some Netflix and eat all the food you can. But seriously, losing a friend is like losing a dog. All you can do is find a new friend because losing a friend isn’t the end of the world. And this gives you more experience to meet new people and having better friendships. If you lose a friend it’s nothing to cry about; go home and do what you would normally do. Live your life and keep doing what you’re doing.

Let’s be honest, a broken friendship could be a hard thing to go through, but never blame anyone for it. It just wasn’t working out.

Friends come and go, but even better ones come after that, the best way to handle this is to just keep going on with your life. I mean, no regrets right?
A broken friendship is just part of being a teenager. Keep on going and build an even stronger friendship than the one you had before. And if that one comes to an end, you know what you do? You get another friend and keep the friendship strong as ever. Because every new friendship is a new experience for you. And you have a better idea of what you have to do next time to keep that friendship for a long time. Maybe it wasn’t your fault but maybe you just chose the wrong friend. Like Mother Teresa said, “It’s crazy how someone who used to be a huge part of your life can be gone in a second.” Never take a broken friendship too hard. Honestly, losing your dog is probably harder because, after all, they are a man’s best friend. Just keep living your average life to the best of your ability because friends come and go.

But you will never get your teenage years back and those are the years you are supposed to enjoy. One friend gone means more wonderful friendships to come.