Getting attention on Facebook

Getting attention on Facebook

By Jessie Schirrick  Posted April 17, 2013

Facebook attention seekers, we all know who they are and what they do. They post their controversial opinions to stir up trouble and cause Facebook Fights. They write about local and national news before anybody else. They post countless selfies (edited to the max) with stupid quotes underneath to obtain likes from members of the opposite sex. Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to have expanded our social media horizons to be able to participate in Twitter Wars and Instagram Wars. The main goal for them is to get the most likes, comments, favorites, etc.

While Facebook fights and Twitter Wars can hurt people’s spirits and damage relationships, they are outrageously entertaining to observe. But, not so fun to partake in. If you dare enlist in a cyber war you are bound to offend somebody, even if you don’t mean to.

As for the photo album containing 63 self-portraits titled “Me:),” get rid of it. Nobody wants to see that. It’s alright to be conceited, just keep it subtle. Quality photography on the other hand is actually quite favorable.

As much as it pains me to admit, these attention seekers are extremely good at what they do. They have many friends/followers and are able to gain 30+ likes on almost anything they post. Supporters of attention seekers are almost as bad as attention seekers themselves. While I am guilty of this, I understand that the only way we can rid ourselves of these menaces of social networks is to stop supporting them.

Brady Riley is an infamous Facebook celebrity.

“Getting a Like or a Retweet is like someone personally stitching closed an emotional wound left by a failed or nonexistent relationship with a family member or a girl from the past,” said Riley.

Riley also explained where he would be in life without social media.

“I can honestly say I would just sit in my dark room, curled in the fetal position, weeping and crying,” said Riley.

So is Facebook just a childish play toy, or chicken soup for the loser’s soul? You decide.