Jessie’s Journal

Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Schirrick   Posted April 17, 2013

I like my men how I like my pie, Key Lime.

Go ask Alice, When she’s ten feet tall! Shout out to Hailey Hayes.

High school’s pretty easy, I’m already passing three of my classes!

When I get sleepy I could probably tell the most jokes you’ve ever heard in your life.

You’ll always be daddycated to your Mom.

Magnets are the symbol of peace.

If I wasn’t me, I would be someone else.

Every time I see a fake puppy I wish so deeply in my heart that it was real.

I’m a really messy eater. I thinks it’s genetic.

Where’d all the gumption go? You just don’t see enough of it these days. You don’t see little girls going to the store and demanding the right price for their loaf of bread.

FFA was a pretty fun time. Everybody should do FFA. You can do FFA anytime of year. That is why FFA is so much fun. I love FFA. You can do anything you want in FFA.

Your mom says hi.

I soiled my purse, and now it contains the air of a swamp. Can you believe it?

I love indie music. I think it’s really unhateable. It makes me want to find the happiest, sunniest part of the desert and roll around in the dirt forever.
Don’t grr Alex.

High school goes by pretty fast. I’m already almost halfway done.

Are words with the letter ‘z’ even real? Didn’t think so.

I once worried about the capacity of different plots that could be used to entertain. Now I worry about my capacity to entertain. I am in a constant battle with myself over whether I should say some philosophy or whether I should just try and make some funny stuff to say. My brain just isn’t what it used to be.

Life is like a giant maze but filled with water, and we’re the water. That’s what I think about Facebook too.

Why would you lose your car keys? Then you have to spend all day looking for them. So I don’t know why you would even waste your time losing them in the first place.