Hard work leads to easy win for frosh Bucks

Hard work leads to easy win for frosh Bucks

By Jessie Schirrick Posted January 23, 2012

The boys did a job well done last Friday when they won by 17 points over Fallon. It wasn’t a close game for long because the Bucks had a lead on them by the second quarter, from then on it was a simple victory, and the game ended 34-17, but there was some faulty technique happening on the court that day.

“We need to work on passes, there’s always room for improvement,” said Pete Chavez.

Passing is a critical part of the game. And the freshman team determines the future of varsity in every sport. If the boys keep up the good work Lowry basketball has a bright future ahead.

“We win because we work well together as a team,” said Luke Logan.

The freshman boys appear to have a good hold on how to play the game efficiently.

“It’s all about communication and respect for your teammates, that alone has contributed a lot to our success,” said Logan.

They’ll be playing at home this Friday against Ely and Wendover.

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