If you have spare time on Christmas break here are seven sensational shows you should be watching

If you have spare time on Christmas break here are seven sensational shows you should be watching

By Mary Granath Posted December 16, 2009

With Christmas break coming up, readers may have some extra time on their hands. Here are The Brand’s recommendations on the top seven shows you should be watching.

As the first season of this Fox series comes to a close, “Glee” is beginning to gather more and more viewers. Based around a club of singing misfits at McKinley High School, the show has just the right amount of zesty humor and moral lessons. For no other reason, people should watch this show Wednesday nights at nine, for the hilarious zingers coughed up every episode by “Cheerios” coach Sue Sylvester.

“The Office”
Now reaching its sixth season, this NBC comedy show never gets old. With new characters being introduced every season or so, the cast continues to be lively and hilarious. A series focusing on a paper company in New Jersey with an incompetent boss, “The Office” is one of the funniest shows on TV. Tune in Thursdays nights at nine.

“Saturday Night Live”
A show that’s been around for nearly 35 years, SNL has had its ups and downs. However, this year SNL features stunningly sensational casts and uproarious new skits every episode. A star that stands out in the series is Kristen Wiig, whose “Penelope” skits will guarantee to have you laughing until you cry.

“Modern Family”
Airing Wednesday nights at nine on ABC, “Modern Family” explores the everyday life of the average family… that is, if you consider average as having two gay uncles, a grandfather who’s married to a 25-year-old Colombian woman, and a father who cancels Christmas.

A scene from “Bones” on Fox. /Courtesy • fox.com
A scene from “Bones” on Fox. /Courtesy • fox.com

One of the more original shows on TV, “Bones” is a Fox drama/mystery/ comedy/forensics series showing Thursdays at eight. Centering on Agent Booth of the FBI and his scientist sidekick Brennan, the witty quips between the two keep the show energetic while the mystery of each death keeps the show riveting.

This NBC series which is set to start its third season anytime now revolves around, you guessed it, “Chuck”. Chuck Bartowski, head of the Geek squad at a Best-Buy type store, has the unfortunate luck of having a government database of secrets downloaded into his brain by accident. Thus, he is now forced to accompany NSA agents on missions while attempting to keep his double life a secret from friends and family. “Chuck”, showing Monday nights at eight, is a clever series that keeps viewers guessing until the end of an episode.

Based around best friends Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster (Gus) and their detective agency, “Psych” is filled with witty banter and mystery. Shawn, who has a good eye for details, portrays himself as a psychic to clients and the local police force in order to gain status as a reputable detective. Shawn and Gus solve cases every episode using methods that some may consider immoral, but these methods never fail to produce a laugh. Don’t miss this series on USA Wednesday nights at ten.

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