Is summer break worth it?

Is summer break worth it?

By Weston Irons Posted October 3, 2012

Summer break is a time to get away from the troubles of school and hang out in the sun for three months. However, being away from school that long causes you to forget information learned during the course of the school year. Frustrated teachers then have to re-teach concepts that we’re supposed to already know. So is summer break worth it?

A few weeks into the new school year and I occasionally find myself having trouble remembering Math formulas or English terms learned the previous year. This is the fault of summer. Being away for so long and not doing any kind of school work takes a toll on what you learned and by the time school comes around you have forgotten quite a bit of information. Besides some sort of summer school program, the only other solution is year-round school.

Many students who are used to traditional school, think that year-round is school for a year with no summer break, as the name suggests. In year-round though, you get more breaks than in traditional school. Although the breaks are not as long, you get more time off if not the equivalent to traditional school. This includes breaks in all four seasons, which means with year-round you do get time off during summer just like traditional school.

Another problem with the long summer break is after the first month or two, students have difficulties finding things to do. They find themselves sitting bored at home and some even wish for school to begin. Year-round school provides less downtime and you will be doing something productive most of the time.

Personally, I don’t mind having the summer off for three months and I wouldn’t mind going to school year-round either. Year-round school does have a few obvious advantages over traditional school though.