Jaden Jimenez stands out as Student-Athlete of the Week

Jaden Jimenez stands out as Student-Athlete of the Week

By Alexa Toscano Posted January 29, 2024

Junior Jaden Jimenez’s hard work earned him a spot on the varsity basketball team. While on the team Jimenez has managed to get the spotlight light on him for his talent.

Jimenez has been playing basketball for years. He started by having competitions with his older brother and dad at home and from there he realized how much he enjoyed it. Jimenez stood out from the rest due to his commitment to the team and all of his hard work.

Jesse Zamudio, the coach for varsity boy’s basketball, states that Jimenez brings many positive aspects to the team.

“Jaden brings leadership, hard work, and a team-first mentality to the group,” said Zamudio. “More importantly, Jaden brings passion and determination to our team.”

One of Jimenez’s favorite parts about playing basketball is all the fun he gets to have out on the court with his friends and teammates. He enjoys all the memories that they as a team get together.

Although he is thrilled about getting chosen for athlete of the week he recognizes that playing the game would not be possible without the rest of the team.

“There’s five people out on the court at a time it’s not just about me making Athlete of the Week it’s all the other guys out on the floor with me,” said Jimenez.