‘Jennifer’s Body’: not worth all of the attention

‘Jennifer’s Body’: not worth all of the attention

By Camille Lyon Posted October 14, 2009

Do not see “Jennifer’s Body,” whatever you do, unless you enjoy watching movies that do not possess any value and a plot that cannot be followed. The movie was written, surprisingly, by Diablo Cody, who is the same writer of a much loved “Juno.”

With Megan Fox playing the role of the popular girl Jennifer who seduces boys and feasts on them to maintain strength as a “demon,” and Amanda Seyfried playing the best friend Needy, the acting was not that bad. The overall plot and performance of the storyline were questionable.

Jennifer and Needy go to a concert where a fire erupts and the crowd stampedes toward the door and many were burned. Needy and Jennifer successfully escape, but Jennifer is lured into a van with the featured band at the concert. Needy later goes home and is worried for her friend. She later encounters Jennifer in the middle of the night where Jennifer is covered in blood. After displaying strange behavior Jennifer leaves.

The whole high school is going through a traumatic experience of having lost many students in a tragic fire. The movie proceeds with Jennifer showing no remorse, and the mystery of other continuing murders.

The movie was quite original, but overall it seemed quite juvenile. Some of the lines made the movie comical and confusing. I expected more.

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