Jessie’s Journal

Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Schirrick Posted May 29, 2013

School’s for fools/ghouls/tools/mules. Break all da rulez.

Enjoy the time you have with your cell phone games because you will inevitably get bored and tired of playing them, and eventually deleting them, along with your friendship and precious memories. Savor every single high score as if it will be your last.

This summer, if you’re ever having a hard time making good decisions, think “What Would Jessie Do?” Then, do the opposite.
My bones feel weak; I think that’s why my hair has been falling out.

Instead of going to college, I’ll just join a sovereign nation. It’s foolproof.

Much of the time I should be spending washing my hands is spent examining my ears.

Up with bubbles, down with air.

So cats are pretty much the universal symbol for stinky things.

Put your toes in your shoes.

One time it was summer and I was filled with joy and energy, then it turned into school again and I was once again full of pain and sorrow. This is a recollection of the future.

I think that humans are the least prejudiced organisms in the whole world and this is a key component of what separates us from other animals. Or something.

Lead your team to victory by brushing your teeth. Can’t win a game on bad breath, guys.

My brain juices aren’t flowing mayne.

You will probably learn to be nice once you get what you deserve, but even then, you’ll be mean I’m sure.

When deciding what hue ink to use for your quill, choose blue.

I wish that sea turtles made a noise so I could pretend to be a sea turtle without needing to lay down on the ground.

Release the ferrets!

This edition of Jessie’s Journal is dedicated to Alex Schirrick. Where ever you go, whoever you’re going to be, your pottery skills and knitting abilities will carry you through.