Advice Column

Advice Column

By Rylee Mathis Posted May 29, 2013

Jessica S. asks, “Rylee, my summers are usually so boring, what can I do make this summer better?”

Well Jessica, the only thing you really can do is enjoy yourself. Hang out with friends, swim as much as you can, plan get-togethers and whatnot, explore your surroundings, take a road trip- maybe a couple, and just live it up. You’re not always going to have three months to do whatever you please.

Josh L. asks, “Rylee, I need money, but I don’t want to work during summer, what do I do?”

Like many things, Josh, being a teenager is about compromise. Get a part-time job, that way you get money and you can still spend time with friends.

Denise W. asks, “So my sister wants me to spend the entire of month of June and possibly most of July with her. She’s in college and I miss her and everything, but what if I get sick of her? I don’t think I could handle telling her that. What should I do?”

I feel you, Denise. You’re probably like me and you like the space between you and your siblings who’ve moved away. It probably won’t her as much as you think if you just tell her you can’t spend all summer with her. Choose one June or July, and tell her you need to spend the other month with your friends or the rest of your family. She’ll understand.

Juan G. asks, “Rylee is it okay for guys to wear mandals?”

No. Never. But most of them do it anyways, so let your freak flag fly, Juan.

Jenny T. asks, “Rylee, how do I stay in touch with the friends I’m not so close with over the summer?”

Well Jenny if you wanted to be close with them, you probably would be by now. But the best thing you can do is exchange numbers or add each other on Facebook and try to talk on the regular. Don’t be a hermit all summer.