Pushes my buttons

Pushes my buttons

By Rylee Mathis Posted May 29, 2013

The school year is very slowly coming to an end and sure enough, there are millions of things about not only Lowry but life itself, that grind my gears. Here are just a few.

Cranky substitute teachers push my buttons. I’m already in a bad mood because I have to be here against my will, you think I want to deal with your attitude too? I don’t think so.

The weather grinds my gears. It would be so much better if the wind could stop blowing, then maybe I could finally enjoy the sun.

Boys. You grind my gears.

Being a teenager. I’m over it. I want to be 20 already.

When I can’t find a good break-up song to listen to. That pushes my buttons.

It pushes my “Attitude Buttons” when people spell my name wrong. I’m like, how hard is it? I understand confusing it with the popular spelling R-i-l-e-y, but when people get so confused that there are two Es, I just want to rip some of my hair out. I wouldn’t do that, though. I love my hair.

People who spend the majority of their high school years being miserable. I mean granted, none of us actually want to be here but girl, please. These are supposed to be the best years of your life, make the best of them. You’re going to look back on your life and wish you had participated more.

Being tall pushes my buttons. Boys like short girls.

It bothers me that I’m the only person who thinks if you had a good relationship you should keep talking to your ex. Is it really so weird to go back to being best friends again?

Slow wi-fi grinds my gears.

It pushes my buttons when I can’t sing one of my favorite songs. I just want to belt it out, but I’m afraid the people around me will start bleeding from their ears and crying. No Bueno.

Milkshakes don’t grind my gears. Those things are the cat’s pajamas.

When people make situations that aren’t awkward, awkward. I’m like the master at being/making people feel awkward, but some things really aren’t as awkward as you kids perceive them.

It grinds my gears when boys wear bro-tanks. You look silly, sweetie. Go change.

People who don’t share my love for gays. You push my buttons.

The fact that it’s not summer yet really gets on my nerves. Why must we be in school for so long? 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 months? I call shenanigans.