Jordan Bills helps lead his team one victory at a time

Jordan Bills helps lead his team one victory at a time

By Jovi Anderson Posted October 4, 2022

Jordan Bills has been chosen as Athlete of the Week by coach Taua Cabatbat for the varsity football team.

Bills works hard to lead his team and is doing a good job so far. He has played football for Lowry for a total of three years on the varsity team but has been playing football since he was eleven.

“He is one of our leaders and does everything we ask, works hard, and gives everything he’s got on the football field,” said Cabatbat.

Being on the team is a way to build friendships and trust between others. Bales is committed to his team and puts in the effort to be in it.

“It’s more than just a team, we battle adversity day in and day out and we bond on these moments,” said Bills. “Everyone relies on each other to do their part. That’s the amazing part about football is that it’s not just an individual sport, everyone has a part.”

He plans to work hard this season until it all pays off in the end.

“The ultimate goal is to win state but one step at a time,” said Bills. “For now we are just focused on winning games and making playoffs.”