Shining the light on Stagecraft

Shining the light on Stagecraft

By Emily Valdez Posted October 5, 2022

Instead of the usual Performer of the Week for the drama class; Director Kelly Bales thought it was important to help share the spotlight with Stagecraft too.

Bales chose Rogelio Hernandez Ruiz as Student of the week for his outstanding performance and knowledge of tools.

“He has done a wonderful job constructing props and part of the sets,” said Bales. “He has a wide knowledge of power tools, and makes sure he completes each task to the best of his ability.”

Hernandez Ruiz was confused about how to feel but remembers the student of the month from elementary school.

“I’m pretty sure I feel good, I don’t know cause I normally don’t get Student of the Week and as a little kid I remember in elementary school student of the month was a really big thing,” said Hernandez Ruiz.

Hernandez Ruiz enjoys the construction and artistic aspects of stagecraft but his favorite aspect would have to be the other people in the class.

“They make it fun,” said Hernandez Ruiz. “Instead of being in class with people you don’t know and don’t really get along with, I go to a class with people I know and really get along with.”